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Benefits of presenting at Beyond Multiple Choice events

Share your message with thousands of assessment industry stakeholders–including instructional designers,  researchers, chief education officers, policymakers, psychometricians, and more.

In addition to engaging with a live audience during our virtual events, your presentation will live on our YouTube channel where it can be shared and viewed on-demand.

This Year's Theme

A key challenge for advancing beyond multiple-choice lies in aligning the political and practical demands of existing assessment structures with new and revolutionary assessment approaches that innovations have made possible.

BMC 2021 aims to explore this challenge through the perspectives of a diverse set of stakeholders across the global landscape.

We invite presentations on the following:

  • Innovations in assessment design, including format and digital delivery
  • Advances in analysis techniques and representation of performer results
  • Original applications of technology for assessment purposes
  • Empirical demonstrations of efficacy, efficiency, and usability
  • Cases studies showing how organizations have introduced or attempted to introduce innovation in assessment

Presentation Types

This year, we will feature two types of presentations at our annual conference:

Lead Presentation – Lead speakers will have up to 20 minutes to present and will also be expected to contribute an accompanying 3,000-word article for publication in the next Beyond Multiple Choice Special Issue of eLearn Magazine, due by September 30, 2021.

Highlight Presentation – Highlighted speakers will have up to 15 minutes to present.

Now accepting proposals to speak at #BMC2021!