Beyond Multiple Choice 2020

Three days. Over 30 expert presentations. Beyond Multiple Choice 2020 drew hundreds of virtual attendees from across the globe to explore the future of assessment.

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and all who registered!

Recordings are below.

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0:00 – Skip

35:39 – Conference Intro

47:40 – Session I: Post-Pandemic Assessment Landscape, chaired by Graham Hudson of GA Partnership

49:03 – “A Future of Assessment Without Testing” by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy

1:25:50 – “Using Assessment Data for Impactful Instruction in the Time of COVID-19” by Laura Slover, CenterPoint Education Solutions

1:51:11 – Session I Panel Discussion

2:17:32 – Session II: Next-Gen STEM Assessment, chaired by Robert Karmelich of WIRIS

2:19:00 – “Innovative Paths and Strategies on Remote Assessment” by Gaspar Pérez, WIRIS

2:37:17 – “Data Literacy Assessment for a Next-Gen Skill Set” by Jordan Morrow, Qlik

2:55:00 – “Improving Number Sense through Online Diagnostic Assessments” by Emily Brown, Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College

3:15:30 – Session II Panel Discussion

4:02:48 – Session III – Lightning Demo:TAO by Open Assessment Technologies

4:33:20 – Session IV – Gaming, VR, and AI Assessment Technology, chaired by John Winkley of AlphaPlus

4:35:05 – “The Assessment of Character and Virtue with Serious Games” by Adam Sobieski, Phoster

4:47:19 – “Short Sims: A Game Changer” by Clark Aldrich, Clark Aldrich Designs

5:08:02 – “Applying XR Training in University Research and the Workplace” by Eliot Winer, Iowa State University

5:33:00 – “Virtual Reality: The New Normal in Vocational Assessment” by Tanya MacDonald, eCOM USA

5:45:30 – “Teachers Without Bodies, Classrooms Without Walls: How AI and VR are Transforming Learning and Assessment” by Che Osborne,

6:18:11 – Session IV Panel Discussion

0:00 – Skip

19:07 – Intro

24:28 – Session I: Remote Proctoring and Test Security, Chaired by David Foster of Caveon

26:38 – “The Security Risks of Online Proctoring (and How to Deal with Them)” by David Foster, Caveon

42:17 – “Becoming Accredited for Online Proctoring” by Terry Schafer, AMS, Inc.

1:03:50 – “Remote Proctoring in a Pandemic: Key Learnings for Successful Online Exam Delivery” by Louella Morton, TestReach

1:28:19 – “Changes to Invigilation, and How to Navigate Them” by Geoff Chapman, World Exam Tech

1:45:07 – Session I Panel Discussion

2:08:29 – Session II: Protecting Learner Data, chaired by Martyn Roads of Assessment Tomorrow

2:09:35 – “Drama-Free Data Protection in Remote Proctoring” by John Kleeman, Questionmark and Donna McPartland, McPartland Advising LLC

2:27:45 – “Biggest Data Protection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” by Linnette Attai, Playwell LLC

2:53:56 – Session II Panel Discussion

3:17:09 – Session III: “Write for eLearn Magazine and Grow Your Audience” by Simone Conceição and Denise Doig, eLearn Magazine

3:48:33 – Session IV – Lightning Demo: eNetReality

4:18:25 – Session V: Assessing Through Performance Evidence chaired by Jeff Ross of Assessment Tomorrow

4:19:47 – “Exploring approaches to performance testing: Lessons Learned and Key Insights from Microsoft” by Liberty Munson, Microsoft and Manfred Straehle, AER Experts

4:37:00 – “Capturing and Making Sense of Learning Over a Lifetime” by Shane Sutherland of PebblePad

4:57:04 – “Clarity for Competency: Best Practices for Competency-Based Assessment in Education, Training, and the Workforce” by Eric Shepherd, Talent Transformation

5:17:22 – “Pursuing Equity Through Project-Based Learning and Assessment” by Lacrecia Terrance, The EDUProject

5:34:05 – “Transforming High-Stakes Testing for the Workforce” by Beth Bynum and Andrea Sinclair, HumRRO

5:52:40 – Session V Panel Discussion

0:00 – Skip

20:48 – Intro

25:03 – Session I – Engaging with Government, chaired by John Kerr of AlphaPlus Consultancy

27:51 – “How Policies Need to Change for Us to Move Beyond Multiple Choice” by Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

53:30 – “Fake News in the World of eAssessment” by Denis Saunders, Calibrand

1:11:22 – “Investing in Assessments for Education that Go Beyond Multiple Choice” by Ed Metz, Department of Education

1:32:55 – Session I Panel Discussion

1:48:37 – Session II – Convergence of Formative and Summative Assessment, chaired by Bob Gomersall of BTL/Surpass

1:50:44 – “Supporting Learning with National Adaptive Assessments” John Winkley, AlphaPlus

2:12:32 – “Formative and Summative Assessment Strategies in a Further Education/ Community College” Joe Wilson, City of Glasgow College

2:32:38 – “Adaptive Knowledge Assessment using Advanced Concept Maps with Google Forms” Antonio-Pedro Fonseca, University of Porto and Hugo Faria, ESAG and CIIMAR- University of Porto

2:47:17 – “Help Students Get the ‘Big Picture’ with Concept Mapping-Based Assessment” by Brian Moon, Sero! Learning Assessments

3:09:32 – “Our Holistic Approach to e-Assessment: End-to-End Digital Examinations with Inspera” by Sofie Emmertsen, Inspera Assessment

3:33:45 – Session II Panel Discussion

3:51:37 – Session III – Lightning Demo: Inspera Assessment

4:20:34 – Session IV – Institution-Level Assessment Models, chaired by Piero Tintori of Better Examinations

4:22:55 – “Explained: The VALUE Approach to Assessment in Higher Ed” by Kate McConnell, Assoc. Of American Colleges & Universities

4:40:35 – “Transformation of Large-scale e-Assessment for Student Learning” by Anand Karat, Vretta

4:58:00 – “Understanding UNDERstandardization: Promoting Inclusivity in Standardized Testing” by Stephen Sireci, University of Massachusetts Amherst

5:17:07 – “Early Years Assessment – The Scottish Example” by Helen Claydon and Sladana Krstic, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), and David Leng, Learning Directorate of the Scottish Government

5:37:37 – Session IV Panel Discussion

6:03:15 – Closing

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BMC2020 featured the following assessment experts.

Kristen DiCerbo

Chief Learning Officer, Khan Academy

Kristen is an education leader with a demonstrated history bringing sound learning science and assessment research to the development of digital learning experiences.




Scott Marion

President, National Center for the Improvement of Education Assessment

Scott’s current projects include designing and supporting states in implementing assessment and accountability reforms, developing and implementing educator evaluation systems, and designing and implementing high quality, locally-designed performance-based assessments.

Ed Metz

Program Director, US Dept of Education

Ed directs the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program at the U.S. Department of Education, a $10M funding program for the research and development of commercially viable education technology products. He leads the annual “ED Games Expo,” an event that convenes 30+ other Federal programs that support and showcase innovation in edtech.

Graham Hudson

Partner, GA Partnership

Graham works with professional organisations, government ministries and development programmes both nationally and internationally improving the reliability and validity of assessments.



Helen Claydon

Head of Assessment Development, ACER UK

Helen has over 20 years of experience as an assessment content development manager and item writer. She currently works at ACER UK, where she is responsible for developing the assessments for Scotland’s online, formative, national assessment programme (SNSA).


Geoff Chapman

Co-Founder, World Exam Tech, and Management ConsultanT

In his third decade of international education experience, Geoff works with exam owners, solutions providers, and investors. He co-founded trade publication World Exam Tech and is a published author on e-assessment.


Brian Moon

President, Sero! Learning Assessments, Inc.

Brian is a leader in the field of knowledge management and applied concept mapping. He is the founder of Sero!, an award-winning concept mapping-based assessment platform that gives assessors deeper insights into student thinking. 

Emily Brown

Professor, Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College

Emily has well over a decade of STEM teaching experience and sat on the college wide International Academic Advisory Council, which advises both policy and process around international student experience.

Martin Ripley

Director, World Class Arena

World Class Arena develops assessments and apps to support learning, and consults with assessment organisations transitioning from paper-based examination to computer-based.


Clark Aldrich

CEO, Clark Aldrich Designs

Clark is the creator of Short Sims, a revolutionary pedagogy designed to fill a critical gap in educational media by delivering greater speed, active content, and better metrics.  Aldrich develops custom Short Sims through  A former Gartner analyst, Clark is also the author of six books on education and media.  His work has been featured in hundreds of sources, including CBS, ABC, The New York Times, NPR, CNET, and BusinessWeek.

Lacrecia Terrance

CEO, TheEDUProject

Lacrecia has been in the education field for 20 years. Her experience includes serving as  Teacher, School and District Administrator, Instructional/Curriculum Coordinator, and PBL Innovator. At TheEDUProject, she spearheads programs and services designed to improve student achievement and school performance through innovative learning experiences.



Anand Karat

President, Vretta

Anand Karat is a technology inventor and entrepreneur. At Vretta, he steers creative teams of product, technology, research, and business specialists, to build and deliver world-class learning and assessment experiences through cutting-edge technologies and creative learning methods.




Adam Sobieski

CEO, Phoster Corporation

Adam Sobieski is an artificial intelligence researcher, developer and entrepreneur. 




John Winkley

Director, AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd

John is an experienced director with demonstrated history of working in the educational assessment industry across schools, vocational and professional certification. Clients include government, regulators and certification bodies in the UK and internationally.

Eliot Winer

Director, Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University

Dr. Winer has over 15 years of experience working in virtual reality and 3D computer graphics technologies. He has designed and implemented complex network, application, and learning architectures for simulation systems used for training.

David Foster

CEO at Caveon and Owner, Caveon

David works in the areas of computerized and online testing, psychometrics, innovation and security. He has a background in experimental psychology and over 30 years of experience in the testing business.

Liberty Munson

Lead Psychometrician, Microsoft

Liberty has worked at Microsoft for the past 13 years and is solely responsible for defining, designing, and managing the psychometric strategic vision, including exam design, development, sustainment, and statistical analysis, for all  Microsoft certification exams.

Louella Morton

Co-Founder & Executive Director, TestReach

Louella has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of creating and growing enterprise software businesses, with specific focus on educational technologies, and in the commercialisation of cutting-edge technology and solutions.

John Kleeman

Founder and Executive Director, Questionmark

John has been heavily involved in assessment software for more than 30 years. Questionmark™ provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform, supporting professional services and ready-made content to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise.

Donna McPartland

Owner and attorney, McPartland Privacy Advising LLC

Donna works with clients to provide strategic, practical advice to develop, implement and maintain global data privacy and security programs. She has over 20 years of legal experience with many years in-house in Chief Privacy Officer roles in the educational and testing industry.

Natalie Smolenski

Head of Business Development, Hyland Credentials

Natalie leads teams, and writes and speaks at the intersection of identity, technology, and government. She breaks down complex topics like blockchain and digital self-sovereignty in a way that people from all backgrounds can understand by connecting them to the larger story of what it means to be human.

Linnette Attai

Privacy and Marketing Compliance Executive

Linnette has 20+ years of experience developing and implementing policies and practices related to privacy and safety. She has authored multiple books and presented at TEDxCUNY on the topic of protecting student data.


Manfred Straehle

President and Founder at Assessment, Education, and Research Experts

AERE provides assessment, education, and research consulting services to organizations specializing in assessment, licensure, certification, employment selection, survey research, and data analysis.

Shane Sutherland

Founder and CEO, PebblePad

Shane has collaborated with educators for 16 years to co-create PebblePad as a space for learners to plan and prepare for learning, to make sense of their experiences, and to showcase their abilities and achievements.

Amber Burks-Cole

Manager, District Relationships at CenterPoint Education Solutions

Amber is an experienced Literacy Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry.



Joe Wilson

Head of Digital Skills at City of Glasgow College

Joe has worked internationally in education,  from being a teacher to leading change at institutional and national level.



Bob Gomersall

Chair, BTL Surpass Inc.

Bob is an “educationalist” who leads companies involved in online learning, assessment and testing, educational simulations, online healthcare services and online training. In 1985, Bob established BTL Group Ltd, which has grown to become a global business, providing award-winning assessment technology and online proctoring services from its offices in the UK and the USA.

Telannia Norfar

Author of Project Based Learning in the Math Classroom

Telannia is a HS mathematics teacher and an international educational consultant who trains on student centered learning strategies. She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and the 2017 Oklahoma Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She is co-author of Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom by Prufrock Press.

Phillip John

Professor Emeritus, Heriot-Watt University

Philip is an education professional with an eminent research reputation and track record of working at a senior level in higher education. He recently retired as Executive Chair of SCHOLAR; a programme providing over 30 online courses to every Education Authority in Scotland and 34 independent schools.

Llorenç Vallès

Director of Marketing, WIRIS

WIRIS’s mission is to continuously advance tools for scientific communication and collaboration, by working with the most important productivity tools, used by education, scientific and publishing communities. Wiris Quizzes enhance Moodle, Canvas and other LMSs and assessment systems.

Eric Shepherd

Co-Founder, Talent Transformation

Eric Shepherd is an accomplished leader of international businesses and associations focused on talent, assessments, and success. The Talent Transformation Guild helps leaders, talent management professionals, and consultants adapt to change and the technology driven-revolutions.

Denis Saunders

Founder, Calibrand

Calibrand specialises in providing e-assessment solutions that assess, monitor, measure, benchmark, track and test people during periods of employment and training.



Jordan Morrow

Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Through education and training, Qlik helps organizations create a culture where everyone has the skills and is encouraged to be curious about data. 



Kate McConnell

Assistant VP for Research and Assessment, Association of American Colleges and Universities

An educational psychologist by training, Kate directs the VALUE Institute, AAC&U’s nationwide assessment system that enables any higher education provider to collect and upload samples of student work to a digital repository that is scored by certified VALUE Institute scorers for external validation of institutional learning assessment. 

Sofie Emmertsen

Senior Executive Education Consultant, Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment is a full-service, cloud-based solution that innovates high-stakes e-examinations. Dr. Emmertsen brings both business expertise and a background as an academic researcher and professor to her leading role, consulting on digitization strategy and large-scale assessment implementation for clients that include Cambridge Assessment and Oxford University.

Sladana Krstic

Research Fellow, ACER UK

Sladana has over 15 years’ experience in research and project management and high stakes assessment policy communications in the education sector. She provides psychometric support on ACER’s various projects, including Scottish National Standardised Assessments. Previously, Sladana worked as a Research Manager for QCDA and as a Project Manager for Ofqual and QCA.

Terry Schaefer

Quality and Accreditation Manager, AMS, Inc.

AMS, Inc. is the Certification Body and Administrator of the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) personnel certification program. Terry has a background in engineering and quality assurance and several years of experience gaining and maintaining accreditation for certification programs in the glass and fenestration industry. He is a graduate of Purdue University – South Bend, where he earned a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

Laura Slover

CEO, CenterPoint Education Solutions

Laura began her career in education as a high school English teacher in Colorado. She then spent 16 years at Achieve, a bipartisan education reform organization that supports states in building systems of quality standards, assessments, and accountability.  As a former teacher, she believes in the importance of regular information to power decision making for educators and families.