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BMC: Assessment Challenges of Our New Decade

April 21st, 2021



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Three days. Over 30 expert presentations. Beyond Multiple Choice 2020 drew hundreds of virtual attendees from across the globe to explore the future of assessment.

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and all who registered!

Recordings are below.

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35:39 – Conference Intro

47:40 – Session I: Post-Pandemic Assessment Landscape, chaired by Graham Hudson of GA Partnership

49:03 – “A Future of Assessment Without Testing” by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy

1:25:50 – “Using Assessment Data for Impactful Instruction in the Time of COVID-19” by Laura Slover, CenterPoint Education Solutions

1:51:11 – Session I Panel Discussion

2:17:32 – Session II: Next-Gen STEM Assessment, chaired by Robert Karmelich of WIRIS

2:19:00 – “Innovative Paths and Strategies on Remote Assessment” by Gaspar Pérez, WIRIS

2:37:17 – “Data Literacy Assessment for a Next-Gen Skill Set” by Jordan Morrow, Qlik

2:55:00 – “Improving Number Sense through Online Diagnostic Assessments” by Emily Brown, Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College

3:15:30 – Session II Panel Discussion

4:02:48 – Session III – Lightning Demo:TAO by Open Assessment Technologies

4:33:20 – Session IV – Gaming, VR, and AI Assessment Technology, chaired by John Winkley of AlphaPlus

4:35:05 – “The Assessment of Character and Virtue with Serious Games” by Adam Sobieski, Phoster

4:47:19 – “Short Sims: A Game Changer” by Clark Aldrich, Clark Aldrich Designs

5:08:02 – “Applying XR Training in University Research and the Workplace” by Eliot Winer, Iowa State University

5:33:00 – “Virtual Reality: The New Normal in Vocational Assessment” by Tanya MacDonald, eCOM USA

5:45:30 – “Teachers Without Bodies, Classrooms Without Walls: How AI and VR are Transforming Learning and Assessment” by Che Osborne,

6:18:11 – Session IV Panel Discussion

0:00 – Skip

19:07 – Intro

24:28 – Session I: Remote Proctoring and Test Security, Chaired by David Foster of Caveon

26:38 – “The Security Risks of Online Proctoring (and How to Deal with Them)” by David Foster, Caveon

42:17 – “Becoming Accredited for Online Proctoring” by Terry Schafer, AMS, Inc.

1:03:50 – “Remote Proctoring in a Pandemic: Key Learnings for Successful Online Exam Delivery” by Louella Morton, TestReach

1:28:19 – “Changes to Invigilation, and How to Navigate Them” by Geoff Chapman, World Exam Tech

1:45:07 – Session I Panel Discussion

2:08:29 – Session II: Protecting Learner Data, chaired by Martyn Roads of Assessment Tomorrow

2:09:35 – “Drama-Free Data Protection in Remote Proctoring” by John Kleeman, Questionmark and Donna McPartland, McPartland Advising LLC

2:27:45 – “Biggest Data Protection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” by Linnette Attai, Playwell LLC

2:53:56 – Session II Panel Discussion

3:17:09 – Session III: “Write for eLearn Magazine and Grow Your Audience” by Simone Conceição and Denise Doig, eLearn Magazine

3:48:33 – Session IV – Lightning Demo: eNetReality

4:18:25 – Session V: Assessing Through Performance Evidence chaired by Jeff Ross of Assessment Tomorrow

4:19:47 – “Exploring approaches to performance testing: Lessons Learned and Key Insights from Microsoft” by Liberty Munson, Microsoft and Manfred Straehle, AER Experts

4:37:00 – “Capturing and Making Sense of Learning Over a Lifetime” by Shane Sutherland of PebblePad

4:57:04 – “Clarity for Competency: Best Practices for Competency-Based Assessment in Education, Training, and the Workforce” by Eric Shepherd, Talent Transformation

5:17:22 – “Pursuing Equity Through Project-Based Learning and Assessment” by Lacrecia Terrance, The EDUProject

5:34:05 – “Transforming High-Stakes Testing for the Workforce” by Beth Bynum and Andrea Sinclair, HumRRO

5:52:40 – Session V Panel Discussion

0:00 – Skip

20:48 – Intro

25:03 – Session I – Engaging with Government, chaired by John Kerr of AlphaPlus Consultancy

27:51 – “How Policies Need to Change for Us to Move Beyond Multiple Choice” by Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

53:30 – “Fake News in the World of eAssessment” by Denis Saunders, Calibrand

1:11:22 – “Investing in Assessments for Education that Go Beyond Multiple Choice” by Ed Metz, Department of Education

1:32:55 – Session I Panel Discussion

1:48:37 – Session II – Convergence of Formative and Summative Assessment, chaired by Bob Gomersall of BTL/Surpass

1:50:44 – “Supporting Learning with National Adaptive Assessments” John Winkley, AlphaPlus

2:12:32 – “Formative and Summative Assessment Strategies in a Further Education/ Community College” Joe Wilson, City of Glasgow College

2:32:38 – “Adaptive Knowledge Assessment using Advanced Concept Maps with Google Forms” Antonio-Pedro Fonseca, University of Porto and Hugo Faria, ESAG and CIIMAR- University of Porto

2:47:17 – “Help Students Get the ‘Big Picture’ with Concept Mapping-Based Assessment” by Brian Moon, Sero! Learning Assessments

3:09:32 – “Our Holistic Approach to e-Assessment: End-to-End Digital Examinations with Inspera” by Sofie Emmertsen, Inspera Assessment

3:33:45 – Session II Panel Discussion

3:51:37 – Session III – Lightning Demo: Inspera Assessment

4:20:34 – Session IV – Institution-Level Assessment Models, chaired by Piero Tintori of Better Examinations

4:22:55 – “Explained: The VALUE Approach to Assessment in Higher Ed” by Kate McConnell, Assoc. Of American Colleges & Universities

4:40:35 – “Transformation of Large-scale e-Assessment for Student Learning” by Anand Karat, Vretta

4:58:00 – “Understanding UNDERstandardization: Promoting Inclusivity in Standardized Testing” by Stephen Sireci, University of Massachusetts Amherst

5:17:07 – “Early Years Assessment – The Scottish Example” by Helen Claydon and Sladana Krstic, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), and David Leng, Learning Directorate of the Scottish Government

5:37:37 – Session IV Panel Discussion

6:03:15 – Closing

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