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Why BMC?

Computer-based assessment has grown significantly since the early days of automated test publishing and certification. Yet much of the innovation has focused on computerizing the same techniques that have been in use for over a century.

The key question is:

How can managers and educators move beyond multiple-choice tests to more deeply evaluate the effectiveness of learning, teaching and training?

This conference addresses just those issues, bringing the latest tools and techniques into clear focus and evaluating how they can support learners and teachers in the modern digital age.

Focus on Assessment

Beyond Multiple Choice takes a singular focus on assessment of knowledge, skills, competencies, credentials, and understanding – for learning and training.

Advancing e-Assessment

From the innovations of startups to the trends underway at the major players, BMC offers an unparalleled chance to review where change is happening.

Join the Discussion

BMC brings together a global network of stakeholders, to learn and debate where the field is headed, offering many opportunities to help steer the conversation. 


Meet, engage, and plan to innovate with top talent from the field of e-Assessment.

Our Speakers & Sponsors represent industry, K-12, Higher Education, and Training and Learning — offering perspectives on innovation and the promises and challenges in implementing computer-based testing.

BMC is for professionals in the K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Development sectors who care about questions such as:

How are next-gen assessments demonstrating that they are as valid, reliable, feasible and insightful – and perhaps more so – as multiple choice for understanding the capabilities, skills and competency of employees or student?

Where is the evolving digital technology taking the challenge of assessing skills, knowledge and understanding?

Who is leading the way in delivering 21st Century digital assessment? 

Who Should Attend?

BMC 2018 & 2019

BMC2018 and BMC2019 drew nearly 200 delegates from six countries and diverse perspectives — including educators, researchers, program managers, technologists and psychometricians — to discuss, demonstrate and evaluate next-generation directions in e-Assessment, learning and training.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Found it to be a relevant, stimulating conference!

I have been pushing for innovation in testing for many years. I wanted to hear from others in the industry that don’t typically come to the same conferences I go to.

This was one of the best conferences of the year for me!

International flavor a plus!


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