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A key challenge for advancing beyond multiple-choice lies in aligning the political and practical demands of existing assessment structures with the new approaches to learning that innovations have made possible.

Learn from international education and assessment innovators about how they are applying assessment tools and techniques to advance learning outcomes.

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2021 Keynote Speakers

Jay McTighe

Educator, Author, and Consultant
McTighe and Associates

Jay is a seasoned veteran in the field of education. He offers a wealth of experience, insight, and enthusiasm for using assessment to improve the quality of student thinking. 

His new book “Assessing Student Learning by Design” details methods and mindsets to help educators use classroom assessment as a way to inform teaching and learning, rather than simply to assign grades. 

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Gavin Cooney

CEO and Co-founder

Gavin is a passionate advocate for driving improvements in the field of learning and assessment.

Frustrated by the sluggish rate of innovation within assessment products, Gavin came to understand that APIs had the potential to supercharge the whole industry. This vision has matured into a multinational tech company that powers the learning experience for more than 40 million learners globally.

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John Kleeman


John wrote the first version of the Questionmark assessment system and founded the company in 1988. Questionmark recently merged with Learnosity.

John has been heavily involved in computerized software over the past 30 years. He contributed to several standards initiatives in the UK and remains an active thought leader in his field.

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